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Youth Services System, Inc. is committed to responding to the complex needs of youth at serious risk. Since 1974, Youth Services System, Inc. has reached over 60,000 youth with our shelter, residential, community-based and professional services. Together with youth and their families, we work to improve their physical and emotional well-being, to address the debilitating effects of abuse, addiction, and trauma, and to build the skills and connections they need to be successful. Supported by our volunteer Board of Directors, dedicated staff, and faithful community support, Youth Services System, Inc. makes an impact in the lives of youth, adults, families and our community.

Nearly 46 years ago, a group of caring and concerned individuals, passionate about responding to the needs of abused, neglected, runaway, and delinquent youth founded Ohio County Youth Services System. These individuals came from all walks of life but were single minded about one thing – youth represent our future and deserve our most creative and faithful efforts to ensure their needs are met with effective responses.

Youth Services System, Inc. “History of Caring” reflects our continuing dedication to reach out in the most creative ways possible with whatever resources we could bring to bear.  We have learned much in these past years and with that, are developing a new vision for our future.

Our mission, vision, & values.