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YSS Emeritus Board Meets at Generations

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Meeting for breakfast on Jan. 17 at Generations Restaurant in Wheeling are, from left, YSS Development Director Tammy Kruse; Emeritus Board members Tom Burgoyne, Ron Klug, Joan Stamp; YSS Workforce participant Savannah Hudson; Emeritus Board members Judge George Spillers, Brenda Thomas; Lazarus House resident Mike Conner; Emeritus Board member John Nanny; YSS CEO John Moses; Emeritus Board member Susan Hogan. Not pictured but present: Emeritus Board member Rev. Darrell Cummings; YSS employee Aaron Schwender; McCrary resident Kerstyn Miller and her children Sophie, 4, and Jace, 11 months; Emeritus Board member George Smoulder; YSS communications manager Betsy Bethel-McFarland; YSS donor and friend Donna Glass.