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Community Satisfaction Survey

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  • I have a working relationship with Youth Services System, Inc. because I am employed in: *

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  • 1. I have received information in the past year about the services that Youth Services System, Inc. offers: *

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  • e. Attended a training: *

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  • 4. I am satisfied with the hours that services are available to clients: *

  • 5. I think service locations are convenient to meet client needs.

  • a. Samaritan House - Wheeling: *

  • B. Helinski Shelter - Wheeling: *

  • c. Tuel Center - New Martinsville: *

  • d. Ronald C. Mulholland Juvenile Center - Wheeling: *

  • e. IOP - Wheeling: *

  • F. Outpatient Therapy - Wheeling: *

  • G. Parenting/Visitation - Wheeling: *

  • 6. I think that Youth Services System, Inc. works in a cooperative manner with my agency in assisting our clients: *

  • 7. I feel that Youth Services System, Inc. services are benefical to children and families: *

  • 8. I am pleased with the quality of staff employed at Youth Services System, Inc. in meeting the individual needs of the client: *

  • 9. I believe that the client information is managed in a confidential manner: *

  • 10. I think that making a referral to Youth Services System, Inc. is an easy process: *

  • 11. I think that Youth Services System, Inc. is a professional organization: *

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