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Community Impact Coalition

Community Impact Coalition is a community supported substance abuse prevention initiative. It is open to all those who live and work in Ohio County WV. Impact's membership includes these 12 areas: youth, parents, business, media, law enforcement, schools, youth service, faith-based, civic groups, healthcare, state & local government, and organizations involved in reducing substance abuse. The coalition's primary funding is from a Drug Free Communities Support Program grant. 

Mission: Using our community resources and proven prevention strategies to promote a drug-free lifestyle for youth and families in Ohio County.

Vision: Ohio County will be a safe and drug free community in which to live, work and raise our families. 

Contact us to arrange an orientation or for more information on how you can use your knowledge, skills and talents to strengthen our work. Quarterly Membership Meetings are held on the second Wedneday of January, April, July & October at 12:30pm and anyone interested is welcome to attend. We can be found on Facebook and Twitter. 

Program Director, Lori Garrett-Bumba

Project Coordinator, Martha Polinsky

Phone: 304-233-2045