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Samaritan House

Brief Description of Program/Service

Samaritan HouseSamaritan House located at 1050 Eoff Street, Wheeling, WV 26003 is a children’s shelter providing emergency care for boys ages 12 to 17.

At Samaritan House, a child receives nurturing and support during a crisis period. For example, he may have been abused or neglected, experiencing family conflict, he may have been involved in delinquent behavio, a runaway or homeless youth. Children generally reside at Samaritan House for short periods. While a youth is at Samaritan House, his needs for therapeutic care and safety are assessed, to determine the best plan for the child and the best environment for him to make progress.

Samaritan House is also a designated Safe Place.

A child can receive the following treatment services while residing at Samaritan House:

Case Management Services – A trained advocate who develops the child’s treatment plan and oversights the implementation of the plan.

Professional services – Assessment and treatment planning that links the client with psychologists, physicians and special needs treatment resources.

Around the clock supportive counseling – Trained staff are always available to assist the client with emotional support and direction. The child will also participate in supportive groups that emphasize building such skills as anger management, decision making and various coping skills.

Medical services – A contracted primary care physician treats all residents’ health care needs, while an RN monitors day-to-day health. Residents are linked to community specialists as needed, including dental and eye care.


Staff are trained in Medication Administration (AMAP), also trained in the delivery of supportive counseling (individual and group). Staff received annual training in crisis prevention (CPI), CPR, First Aid and Food Safety. Staff also received training in the area of child development and behaviors associated with residential care. All services are provided under the direction of a licensed physician, licensed psychologist and experienced qualified staff.

Contact for Admission and Information

Please call 204-233-9627 Central Referral or Contact Youth Services System, Inc. at 1-800-YSS-8918 for questions or referrals.